LiveFeeds: the inside story on the big picture

LiveFeeds is the bedrock of i.d's media tracking and analysis service: a custom newsfeed tool that tracks coverage of your chosen topics, adds value with sentiment scoring and human analysis, then lets you broaden its scope by letting your team share and comment on every story, subject, and contributor.

Because the news means nothing without context. A simple Alert or RSS feed (which LiveFeeds can deliver too) can't handle shades of meaning or nuance, can't tell you at a glance whether coverage carries a positive or negative slant. Nor can it highlight which journalists or titles you need to work with. LiveFeeds can.

And everyone's context is different. The boardroom's take on the news is different to the factory floor's; LiveFeeds keeps them all in the loop. You can designate analysts and share different "cuts" of the same information, letting each team add value according to its competencies. And then set up a simple email Digest to keep everyone in the know.

That's LiveFeeds. And i.d is offering a trial to media-savvy companies. Why not phone +44(0) 20 8944 9560, email us, or complete this form to request yours today?

A view of LiveFeeds, showing its sentiment scoring system