Turbocharge your media strategy with MediaDashboard

People are talking about you. And you owe it to yourself to know what they're saying. MediaDashboard tells you, in simple yet powerful statistics, charts, and metrics that let you see the view from the top, then drill down into the detail. Take a look at its three sections, starting with LiveFeeds.

The monitoring layer of MediaDashboard is a standalone application called LiveFeeds. LiveFeeds gives the different communities in your organisation the view on the media landscape most important to them - and lets them read, rate, and discuss each article with their peers. From straightforward statistics on your media coverage to a conversation about its broader effects, all just a click away. Read more about LiveFeeds in this section.

The analytics layer takes the numbers up a notch, into meaningful charts that compare fact, opinion and sentiment across chosen topics. Favourable and unfavourable coverage displayed in simple bars and graphs, each segment clickable so you can see the story behind the graphics. Giving you the big picture - at a glance. Read more about it here.

At the top, the insight layer adds human judgement and nuance to the sentiment scores and other information in the analytics layer. i.d's team of analysts flags up what's trending up and what's heading for a fall, not as pure numbers but as opportunities (and risks) for your business. Read about the investigative metrics here.

A view of MediaDashboard, showing its three 'layers'